Have You Ever Wished You Could Unknow Someone?

Recently, a friend on Facebook posted one of those cutesy saying pictures.

"Have you ever wished you could unknow someone?", it asked.

Generally speaking, I'd say no. Like all of you, I've had people who've hurt me. People who have abused my friendship and kindness. People who have left me questioning the sanity of believing that there really is good in each and every person if you look hard enough.

At least, generally speaking, I would have said no 20 years ago. Or 10. Or maybe even last year.

But, alas, it is today. Hello, my name is Grasshopper and I DO wish I could unknow someone. I love the Gotye song, Somebody I Used to Know. It fits.

There are people that come into your life along the way and you think that you know them. But, given enough time, you end up discovering that you don't know them at all. You learn that all of that good you chose to see was hiding a malodorous spirit. That's when it would be nice to be able to "unknow" someone.

This is saying a lot for me. I'm the girl who works to find the good in people. I'm the girl who almost always ends up with a new friend when a romance doesn't work out. Forming friendships after relationships isn't easy. I've said it before - if I thought enough of someone to have them in my life romantically, I'll do all I can to keep them as a friend afterward. It is not an easy task. It can be done with effort.

When you have someone you wish you could unknow, it means that all of the bad outweighs any good. It means that the pleasant memories can't hold up to the present bullshit. It means you suddenly realize all the times the person has screwed you over. It means you made a mistake and for all intents and purposes you, my dear, are an idiot.

It also means that you know your worth. You know you deserve more from the people in your life. The simple things. Like honesty. Decency. Lack of sociopathic inclinations. Kindness. A hint of class.

Sometimes you have to look at someone you know and decide to unknow them. Why? Because the one person you do know that counts is you. Don't lose yourself in someone else's dramatic interpretation of life. Don't let you become someone you used to know.

Kick them to the curb and burn the shit they left behind.

If they come looking for you, just tell them. "You must be looking for someone you used to know. She left."

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