This Dude Needs Less Me Time. A Little Less Wii Time. A Whole Lot More We Time.

My kids love the Wii. Particularly Little Me. And, I like it too.

The Wii gives Momma a little "Me" time, which is always in high demand and short supply. As an added benefit, a truckload of Wii games can fit into the same space as just one of the dozen or so dump trucks, race cars or big rigs Little Me pushes around the house.

I love the idea of smaller toys. Smaller toys. Less mess.

I have an ever running list of games they'd like to get. On Little You's wish list at the moment are all of the Dance, Dance games and a Zumba game. It's hard not to open the wallet to buy those things. She exercises daily with her friend Wii.

Shadows of the Damned will hit store shelves in June. I'm not squeamish. I don't limit my kids to cartoons and aggravating Tweenado shows from Disney. I'd rather spend the day picking my toenails, or even your toenails, than sit through a Raven marathon. My idea of torture is going to a rated G movie with nothing but a snoring dad two chairs down to entertain me. And, since I recently found out that someone has taught me how to snore, I can't even doze during the show anymore myself. But, despite all of that. I don't think I'll let them play it.

My interest in the game is quite keen, however, after reading reviews. I generally stay away from games and the like since it quickly turns from fun to an all-consuming, up-all-night, I-will-practice-until-I can-beat-you-even-if-you-are-a-kid type of obsession. It's just better for the world at large if I never fondle a nunchuck.

I'm a cool mom. I know that I am. How? Well, Little You's friends took a vote and crowned me the Cool Mom. I'm all over it. I know it won't last. I'll take my 15 minutes of Tweenado fame.

And, I didn't even lose my temper when Little Me, playing the Wii in the living room, turned to me the other night and asked me to go upstairs for a few moments. I asked why. "I need to say some bad words really loud," he said diplomatically. "I don't want you to hear." Well, at least the boy remembered his manners.

I think my reasons for wanting to play the Shadows of the Damned after a bottle of Pinot are obvious.

  • The game features a one-eyed monster named Willy.
  • At one part of the game he leaves a steaming turd at a check point.
  • Another character is named Johnson. On command, he turns into a gun. Named "Boner."
  • It is produced by Grasshopper Manufacture.
Once again, resounding evidence why parents must, must, must make their zitted anti-social Teenado sons venture out of their bedrooms into the sunlight every few weeks. If you don't, they may one day create a game just like this one.

I'm not sure who's the mastermind behind this game. But, I will gladly chip in a little money to buy the boy a hooker. Or a drink. Or a drink and a deaf hooker. It's obvious this dude needs a little less Me Time. A little less Wii Time. A whole lot more We Time.

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  1. I have applied for copyright for a follow-on to Wii-Fit, that I call Wii-Porn, which gives exercise of a different sort.
    Patricia offered to get me a Wii, but balked when I said I wanted the Michelle Wii, the one who plays golf with the LPGA.....