Laughing At Your Kids is Sometimes Better Than Laughing With Them

There's nothing quite like laughing with your kids. The only thing that may be better is laughing at your kids. Because, let's be honest here, as a parent it is quite amusing, down right pee in your pants funny sometimes what your kids do. It's our restitution for all of the gum on the couch, pee on the toilet seat and hidden candy bar wrappers under the couch.

When we arrive home from wherever our travels have taken us, Little Me jumps instantly from the car. Imagine a jack in a box. It's a lot like that. He also likes to pee on a tree if the urge arises on his way in. But, the real reason is he is trying to be the first to reach the laptop and, thus, refuse to stop playing his crazy game of imaginary whatever they are until his momma Grasshopper turns from green to red.

Little You takes a leisurely exit. In fact, sometimes she stays in the car for quite some time before she strolls into the house.

Tonight, I was feeling a bit spry and mischievous. So, after leaving the car, I walked a few feet away and hit the remote lock button. When Little You heard the locks click shut, she panicked a little.

She immediately opened her car door just a few inches. In hindsight, I think it must have been her tremendously strong survival instincts kicking in. (sarcasm)

I clicked the lock button again.

I could see her thrashing about in the car. She was trying to unlock the doors. Unfortunately for her, the only unlock buttons are in the front. So, I watched as she shimmied between the front seats and hit the unlock button on the driver's side.

I clicked the lock button again.

She proceeded to unlock the car. I locked it back. She unlocked it again. I locked it back.

This went on for several minutes before she fell backwards into the backseat. Defeated. I heard her almost moan, "I'm going to be locked in the car all night."

I stood there, still amused, with my thumb perched over the lock button just in case she made another dash for the front.

My sweet teen seemed to accept her fate. She was going to be locked in the car all night.

Until that is, in an act of superior human intelligence, she glanced over and realized that her door was open.

"Oh, the door's open," she said as if in complete surprise. I detected that surprise in her voice but also something else I can't quite describe. The way she said it was just so casual and unaffected.

I continued standing at the front of the car. As she walked the few steps toward me, I burst into laughter.

She didn't say a word. Acted like it never even happened.

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